Campus Research on WestlawNext


 January 2013  Database of the Month

The new WestlawNext platform is not fully accessible off campus at this time. Use the previous platform to access off campus.

Campus Research, the legal research tool for students who need to research law-related issues, is now on the new platform, WestlawNext.  This platform allows users to search the world’s leading collection of legal content in just one simple language query. You no longer have to choose a database before you start to search, and you can apply intelligent tools to help you work smarter and faster with the total confidence that you have the information you need.

Content includes expert’s analysis from hundreds of law reviews and journals, encyclopedias, treatises and full-text legislation, regulations, and court decisions.

With WestlawNext, you can:

  • Search with ease without the need to choose a database or enter Boolean syntax (although, you can still use Boolean terms and connectors in WestlawNext if you’d like).
  • Get more relevant, inclusive results.
  • View top results all together or sorted by content type.
  • Filter results by key word, jurisdiction, type of action, law firm, judge and more.
  • View case summaries instantly from the result list.
  • View related documents that reveal the most significant additional content from across WestlawNext.