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2015-2016 New Content Added to Digital Collections

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60 new broadsides have been added to the SWEAT collection for the Jaffe Center for Book Arts.

512 publications added Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute (HBOI) Faculty Papers collection.

40 reports added to the Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute (HBOI) Technical Reports collection.

105 new pieces of digitized sheet music were added to the Sheet Music collection.

The Digital Library has completed the Political, Rights Issues, and Social Movements (PRISM) collection, a 6 year long collaborative project with the University of Central Florida, now finished with the final addition of 642 pamphlets.

For the 2015-2016 academic year, 256 graduate student manuscripts have been added to the Electronic Theses and Dissertations collection.

Since October 2015 the Digital Library has digitized and made openly accessible more than 600 retropsective print theses and dissertations now available in the Legacy ETD collection.

Florida Atlantic University’s Undergraduate and Graduate Research collections showcases 150 newly added abstracts and posters from 2015 research day events.

Announcing two new College of Arts and Letters faculty collections: more than 60 hours of video lectures have been added to the Center for Body, Mind, and Culture collection and in progress is the Generations: LGBT oral histories collection. The Center for Body, Mind and Culture contains video lectures and workshops conducted at a host of international locations by Dr. Shusterman, Director of the Center for Body, Mind, and Culture. Generations is an oral histories project led by Dr. Fred Fejes of the Peace, Justice, Human Rights Initiative and School of Multimedia Studies.

Coming Soon! Collections under construction:

  • Theodore Pratt
  • Norman Nathan
  • Weiner Pamphlets
  • Florida Conference on Recent Advances in Robotics

These collections are brought to you by the dedicated work of the Digital Library team. 

Charlotte Barna, Digital Library

Kylie Calnan, student assistant

Cathy Chesla, Technical Services

James Drayton, Music Performance & Education

Sinekka Manges, Access Services

Gabbie Matthew, student assistant

Annaleah Morse, Special Collections

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Joanne Parandjuk, Digital Library

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FAU Undergraduate Journals Published Open Access

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The FAU Digital Library has made available online the Spring 2016 issues of the Florida Atlantic University Undergraduate Research Journal (FAURJ) and the Undergraduate Law Journal (ULJ) published by undergraduate student clubs at FAU. Both undergraduate journals are peer-reviewed and showcase the research and scholarship of Florida Atlantic University students. Working closely with their mentors and advisers these student clubs provide members with opportunities to participate in editorial and publishing experiences.


FAU Undergraduate Research Journal


The Council for Scholarship and Inquiry (C.S.I.), an FAU student club, works closely with the Office of Undergraduate Research and Inquiry (OURI) to produce the FAU Undergraduate Research Journal (FAURJ). Their goal is to showcase high quality undergraduate research in all fields, supply younger students with an idea of the standard of research, and promote inquiry-based activities at FAU.



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FAU Undergraduate Law Journal

The Undergraduate Law Club at FAU is committed to publishing a periodical designed to facilitate, foster, and promote legal education and review. Student club members have a variety of interests in legal affairs ranging from business law to foreign affairs.  With the assistance of faculty and advisers the Undergraduate Law Journal (ULJ) has become one of a small number of undergraduate law journals produced nationally.

The Florida Atlantic University Undergraduate Research Journal (FAURJ) and the Undergraduate Law Journal (ULJ) are published open access enabling wide dissemination of FAU’s student scholarship. The Digital Library works with student editors of both clubs to publish their journals online using the Open Journal System (OJS), an open-source software. Visit here to view other open access journals published by the Digital Library.

World Oceans Day – June 8

The ocean: the body of water that links us all, from the oxygen we breathe to the pharmacopoeia that it yields.   In observance of World Oceans Day this month FAU Digital Library highlights Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute (HBOI) for its development of research at FAU and its significant contributions to FAU’s institutional repository.  

The HBOI digital collection showcases the research of the institute’s scientists and field experts working to advance ocean-related innovation, exploration, research, education and conservation. From developing ways to preserve coral reef systems and to analyzing organisms in search of compounds with disease-fighting potential, HBOI has, for more than 40 years, contributed to our understanding of  Ocean Science. Stay informed about HBOI research by subscribing to their e-bulletin.

International Labour Day – May 1st

Political & Rights Issues & Social Movements (PRISM), a digital collection, is being highlighted in observance of International Workers’ Day or Labor Day. PRISM, a digitization collaboration of Florida Atlantic University and University of Central Florida libraries, features a collection of pamphlets from the 19th and 20th centuries reflective of leftist and liberal views and experiences not dissimilar to those of today.

PRISM is one of several collections in the Publication of Archival, Library & Museum Materials (PALMM), a cooperative digital initiative of the 11 state university libraries of Florida to provide access to source materials for research and scholarship.

International Mother Earth Day April 22, 2012

FAU Libraries Oral History Digital Collection features the interviews of Dr. Leonard Berry who discusses his environmental work experiences and research contributions. This effort is in celebration of  Dr. Berry’s renowned career of teaching from a global perspective to foster an awareness of environmental issues.

In observance of International Mother Earth Day, FAU’s Digital Library highlights the contributions of  this Distinguished Research Professor, whose work spans three continents. In Africa and Asia, Dr. Berry studied tropical environments and assisted in regional planning for the Government of Tanzania. Since coming to the United States in 1970, he has worked on environmental and development training programs for the U.S. Agency for International Development(USAID), United Nations Development Program, and United Nations Environment Program. The British-born environmentalist also worked for the World Bank and the Global Environment Facility in a number of capacities.  

Founder and director of  FAU’s Center for Environmental Studies, Dr. Berry, who was also an FAU Provost, is Director of the Florida Climate Change Initiative and principle investigator on several projects including a Florida Department of Transportation study to assess the impact of sea level rise on transportation infrastructure. In 2010, he was named an FAU expert on the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Listen or read Dr. Berry’s interview conducted as part of the Department of History’s Oral History project.

Call for Abstracts: 3rd Annual FAU Graduate Student Research Day

FAU’s Graduate Student Association is hosting the Third Annual Graduate Student Research Day March 30, 2012 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Live Oak Pavilion on Boca Raton Campus. Graduate students engaged in various kinds of research projects from across the University will present posters for awards and prizes.  All students interested in submitting original research abstracts are encouraged to do so before the February 17, 2012 deadline due to limited space for participation. FAU’s Digital Library will preserve and provide access to abstracts and poster images in a digital collection for Student Research.  Contact GSAResearchDay2012@gmail.com .

FAU Libraries presents workshop for Open Access Week

 Join us for an upcoming workshop Wednesday October 26 in Wimberly Library (LY136) as FAU Libraries promotes Open Access Week October 24-30, 2011.  Discussion will center on resources and initiatives that provide immediate and unrestricted access to information.  Learn about the history of the Open Access movement and what librarians and faculty can do to promote Open Access. Discover current open access trends on campus and through statewide initiatives. Explore FAU’s institutional repository collections, the possibilities of open access publishing on campus using the Florida Open Journal system, and textbooks online at the Orange Grove Repository. Can’t attend? Check out FAU Libraries Open Access LibGuide for more information.

HBOI Lecture, July 20: Oyster Restoration Efforts on the Treasure Coast

FAU’s Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute (HBOI) presents “Oyster Restoration Efforts on the Treasure Coast,” as part of its Ocean Science Lecture Series. The discourse will be led by research scientist Dr. Vincent Encomio, head of the Oyster Restoration Research Project at the Florida Oceanographic Society.

A delicacy, oysters are also critical to the health and quality of coastal waterways by filtering estuarine water, such as the Indian River Lagoon, and providing habitat and food for estuarine species. Dr. Encomio’s lecture will be held at HBOI’s Johnson Education Center.

 Location: 5600 US 1 North, Fort Pierce, FL
 Time: July 20, 2011 at 7 p.m.
 Phone: 772-242-2506

Explore the HBOI Collection of faculty papers in the FAU Digital Library repository.  HBOI is a research institute of Florida Atlantic University that works to expand opportunities in ocean technology, coastal and deep sea exploration and research, marine biotechnology, aquaculture, ocean and human health, and marine science education.

Rare American Civil War Etchings @ FAU Digital Library

FAU Digital Library presents the American Civil War Collection in tribute to the 150th anniversary of the war between the States.

Originally characterized as “scarce and very interesting,” FAU Libraries’ featured Conferederate War etchings in the Elliot Cross and James A. Cross Civil War Collection are satirical sketches sympathetic to the Confederacy. The etchings were produced by German born artist Adalbert John Volck (1828–1912), a lifelong Balitmore resident, under the pseudonym V. Blada, an anagram for Adalbert. Volck’s etchings were published in Sketches from the Civil War in North America, 1861, ’62, ’63.

The Cross Collection is named for the late Elliot Cross and son James Cross. James Cross  donated to the FAU Libraries his father’s collection of purchased papers, lithographs and prints, currency, letters and memorabilia.

The etchings depict caricatures and cartoons that summarize the mood of one of America’s bloodiest conflicts. Daily witness to the American Civil War is accounted in rare, original materials held at FAU Libraries’ Special Collections & Archives.

Struggle for Quality of Life through the PRISM of Work

In observance of International Workers’ Day or Labor Day, FAU Digital Library brings you PRISM (Political & Rights Issues & Social Movements), a collaboratively digitized collection of the Florida Atlantic University and University of Central Florida libraries. PRISM, a collection of pamphlets, from the 19th and 20th centuries, reveals a gamut of burning issues reflective of leftist and liberal views  from around the world.

These issues are similar to the experiences of today. For example, fair trade is moving at a slow pace. Despite the growing number of organizations and projects addressing labor rights, social equality continues to be a rallying cry as was made apparent in parts of the Middle East, Europe, and even in Wisconsin, United States.

In a recent statement to observe World Day of Social Justice, International Labour Organization Director-General Juan Somavia declared:

Women and men without jobs or livelihoods really don’t care if their economies grow at 3, 5 or 10 per cent per year, if such growth leaves them behind and without protection.

International Workers’ Day, also referred to as May Day, had its origins in the United States with the 1886 founding of the American Federation of Labor (AFL). In 1955, AFL merged with the splinter group, Congress of Industrial Organizations, to become the AFL-CIO.

PRISM is one of several collections in PALMM (Publication of Archival, Library & Museum Materials), a cooperative digital initiative of the public universities of Florida to provide access to source materials for research and scholarship.