Web of Science Updates

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Saved Marked List
This feature allows users to curate datasets over multiple sessions by saving their work in progress in a market list.
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Emerging Sources Citation Index
Emerging Sources Citation Index is designed to extend the universe of publications in Web of Science with additional high-quality, peer-reviewed publications of regional importance and in emerging research fields.
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Usage Count Feature
Located on the summary page as well as the full record, a usage count will be displayed for the Last 180 Days (rolling) as well as Since 2013 (all time). The count reflects the number of times the article has met a user’s information needs as demonstrated by clicking links to a full-length article at the publisher’s website (via direct link or OpenURL) or by saving the metadata for later use.
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or watch Item Level Usage Counts.

ORCID and ResearcherID Integration
Web of Science incorporates author identifiers for researchers who established an ORCID but not a ResearcherID.
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