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Week of February 25, 2013

In the News: The Catholic Church

Pope Benedict XVI announced that he will resign as leader of the Catholic Church on February 28, 2013. Born Joseph Ratzinger, he becomes the first pope in almost 600 years to step down from the papacy. Pick up one of these books to learn more about Pope Benedict, popes of the past, and the Catholic Church.



Against Ratzinger
By Anonymous. Translated by Antony Shugaar. Seven Stories Press, 2008
Call Number: BX1378.6 .C6613 2008

Agony in the Garden: Sex, Lies, and Redemption from the Troubled Heart of the American Catholic Church
By John Van der Zee. Thunder’s Mouth Press/Nation Books, 2002
Call Number: BX1912.9 .V36 2002

The Catholic Church and American Culture: Why the Claims of Dan Brown Strike a Chord
By Eric Plumer. University of Scranton Press, 2009
Call Number: BX1406.3 .P58 2009

The Church: The Evolution of Catholicism
By Richard P. McBrien. HarperOne, 2008
Call Number: BX1747 .M24 2008

The Church and the Homosexual
By John J. McNeill. Beacon Press, 1993
Call Number: Available online via EBSCOhost

Church, Nation and Race: Catholics and Antisemitism in Germany and England, 1918-1945
By Ulrike Ehret. Manchester University Press, 2012
Call Number: BM535 .E428 2012

A Cross too Heavy: Eugenio Pacelli: Politics and the Jews of Europe, 1917-1943
By Paul O’Shea. Rosenberg, 2008
Call Number: BX1490 .O74 2008

Deliver Us from Evil (DVD)
Directed by Amy Berg. Lionsgate, 2007
The true story of the most notorious pedophile priest in the modern history of the Catholic Church. Amy Berg travels to Ireland where Father Oliver O’Grady now lives free underchurch protection. Includes interviews with O’Grady, his victims and their families as well as videotaped legal depositions of O’Grady’s superiors.
Call Number: BX1912.9 .D45 2007 (Boca Raton Media Center)

Did Pope Pius XII Help the Jews?
By Margherita Marchione. Paulist Press, 2007
Call Number: BX1378 .M264 2007

Ethics of the Word: Voices in the Catholic Church Today
By James F. Keenan. Rowman & Littlefield, 2010
Call Number: Available online via EBSCOhost

A History of the Catholic Church in the American South: 1513-1900
By James M. Woods. University Press of Florida, 2011
Call Number: BX1410 .W66 2011

Hitler and the Vatican: Inside the Secret Archives that Reveal the New Story of the Nazis and the Church
By Peter Goodman. Free Press, 2004
Call Number: D810 .C6 G63 2004

Hitler’s Pope: The Secret History of Pius XII
By John Cornwell. Penguin Books, 2002
Call Number: BX1378 .C65 1999 (Also available online via EBSCOhost )

Honest Love and Human Life: Is the Pope Right about Contraception?
By Christopher Derrick. Coward McCann, 1969
Call Number: HQ766.3 .D47 1969a

Illustrissimi: Letters from Pope John Paul I
By Albino Luciani. Little, Brown, 1978
Call Number: BX1751.2 .L8213 1978

John Paul II and the Jewish People: A Jewish-Christian Dialogue
Edited by David G. Dalin and Matthew Levering. Rowman & Littlefield, 2008
Call Number: BM535 .J577 2008

Latino Catholicism: Transformation in America’s Largest Church
By Timothy Matovina. Princeton University Press, 2012
Call Number: BX1407 .H55 M38 2012

Papist Patriots: The Making of an American Catholic Identity
By Maura Jane Farrelly. Oxford University Press, 2012
Call Number: BX1415 .M3 F37 2012

Pastors or Princes: A New Look at the Papacy and Hierarchy
By Robert Markus and Eric John. Corpus Books, 1969
Call Number: BX1805 .M38

The Pope Is Not Gay!
By Angelo Quattrocchi. Translated by Romy Clark Giuliani. Verso, 2010
Call Number: BX1795 .H66 Q3813 2010

Pope Pius XII: Architect for Peace
By Margherita Marchione. Paulist Press, 2010
Call Number: BX1378 .M27 2000

Pope Pius XII and the Holocaust
Edited by Carol Rittner and John K. Roth. Continuum, 2002
Call Number: BX1378 .P57 2002

The Popes: Histories and Secrets
By Claudio Rendina. Seven Locks Press, 2002
Call Number: BX955.3 .R4613 2002

The Popes against the Jews: The Vatican’s Role in the Rise of Modern Anti-Semitism
By David I. Kertzer. Knopf, 2001
Call Number: BM535 .K43 2001

The Pope and the Revolution: John Paul II Confronts Liberation Theology
By John Paul II. Edited by Quentin L. Quade. Ethics and Public Policy Center, 1982
Call Number: BX1378.5 .Y35 2007

The Power and the Glory: Inside the Dark Heart of John Paul II’s Vatican
By David Yallop. Carroll & Graf Publishers, 2007
Call Number: BX1378.5 .Y35 2007

Render unto Rome: The Secret Life of Money in the Catholic Church
By Jason Berry. Crown Publishers, 2011
Call Number: BX1950 .B47 2011

Saints & Sinners: A History of the Popes
By Eamon Duffy. Yale University Press, 1997
Call Number: BX955.2 .D84 1997

Sin against the Innocents: Sexual Abuse by Priests and the Role of the Catholic Church
Edited by Thomas G. Plante. Praeger, 2004
Call Number: BX1912.9 .S56 2004 (At Jupiter)

A Special Mission: Hitler’s Secret Plot to Seize the Vatican and Kidnap Pope Pius XII
By Dan Kurzman. Da Capo Press, 2007
Call Number: DD256.8 .K87 2007

Vows of Silence: The Abuse of Power in the Papcy of John Paul II
By Jason Berry & Gerald Renner. Free Press, 2010
Call Number: BX1912.9 .B475 2010

What Happened at Vatican II
By John W. O’Malley. Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2008
Call Number: BX830 1962 .O46 2008

Were the Popes against the Jews?: Tracking the Myths, Confronting the Ideologues
By Justus George Lawler. Eerdmans, 2012
Call Number: BM535 .L348 2012