Palm Beach County Counts – Find local data

Palm Beach County Counts is a comprehensive source for data and information about the county. The site is built around “topic centers” which include health, economy, education, environment, government & politics, public safety, and social environment. Key statistics are provided as “indicators” in numerous areas pertinent to the category. Comparisons are made with either U.S. or other Florida counties. Examples of the varied subjects include homeownership, families living below poverty level, adults unable to afford to see a doctor, educational attainment, juvenile violent crime rate, and single-parent households.

In many cases, local reports are provided which contain greater detail and analysis on a particular subject. This resource also provides access to information on a wide range of effective county-wide programs and policies from around the nation which could potentially benefit the county.  In order to remain current and expand its scope, individuals and organizations are encouraged to contribute data and reports to Palm Beach County Counts. The many uses of this valuable resource include market research, community assessment, strategic planning, and compiling demographic surveys.