New: IBISWorld

IBISWorld is a comprehensive collection of Industry Market Research. The in-depth research reports include key statistics, industry conditions, market characteristics, industry performance, external market drivers, key success factors, and 5-year revenue forecasts for each US industry. Detailed written analysis provides explanations and insights.

Also Included:

US Specialized Industry Reports
A growing collection of research reports on niche and emerging industries. The industry sectors covered include Advisory and Financial Services, Consumer Goods and Services, Industrial Machinery, Gas & Chemicals, Online Retail, Life Sciences, Specialist Engineering, Infrastructure & Contractors, Business Franchises and Technology. IBISWorld is adding new reports every week to collections that complement the  NAICS collection.

US Industry iExpert Summaries
The iExpert Summaries contain key statistics and facts, major market segments, revenue and forecasts. iExpert reports discuss the major threats and opportunities of each industry, current and potential risks, and the external and internal factors which impact industries.

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