Mango Languages

January 2014 Database of the Month

Mango Languages is an online self-paced language learning system covering over 40 languages and including 16 ESL classes taught in the native language, and four Religious and Scholarly language courses. Each lesson combines real life situations and audio from native speakers with simple, clear instructions.  Each Mango lesson is focused on practical, common conversation skills and includes instruction on vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, AND culture.

Learn a  language on the go with Mango Mobile. Simply touch the screen to reveal answers and to hear pronunciations by native speakers. You’ll learn vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, and culture in each lesson through our methodology, called Intuitive Language Construction™.

For the apps to work, you must have an account with Mango set up through your library’s website, and an iPhone® or Android™ mobile device. Click here to create an account.

Latest updates (as of 1/2/14)

Mango Premier
November 2013 Mango Languages announced the launch of its newest product, Mango Premiere, a unique language and cultural learning product that teaches language through film.  This new product is based on Mango Languages’ proven methodology and teaches learners language, grammar, vocabulary and culture through the storylines and dialogue of each film.

The first four films in the Mango Premiere product line include “Negative Happy Chainsaw Edge” (Japanese); “Kung Fu Dunk” (Mandarin); as well as “The Diary of Anne Frank” and “I’ll Believe You” in English as a Second Language for Spanish.

New Platform – Mango Connect
Mango Connect, the new intuitive and  highly interactive interface, will be rolled out on 1/15/2014.

Course Placement Tests
Mango now has placement tests available for 17 of the most popular language courses. The link to take the placement test is located on the Welcome Screen for the following courses.

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