In the News: Turkey Day 2009: For Vegetarians, Meat-Eaters, and Everyone in Between

Week of November 23, 2009

News Item: This week while millions of Americans are preparing to feast on turkey and a host of side dishes and desserts (many of which are made with animal products), we provide you with a list of book and video titles that are essentially turkey-free. Read about vegetarianism, animal rights and food, and the human diet. (We’ve thrown in a few titles on the meat industry, though, just to keep things balanced.) Enjoy!


The 1985-86 Hormel Meat-Packers Strike in Austin, Minnesota
By Fred Halstead. Pathfinder Press, 2003
Call Number: HD5325 .P15 1985 .A874 2003

America’s Food: What You Don’t Know About What You Eat
By Harvey Blatt. MIT Press, 2008
Call Number: HD9005 .B628 2008 (Also available online via NetLibrary)

Animal Minds and Human Morals: The Origins of the Western Debate
By Richard Sorabji. Cornell University Press, 1993
Call Number: B187 .M55 S67 1993

Animal Rights: Current Debates and New Directions
Edited by Cass R. Sunstein and Martha C. Nussbaum. Oxford University Press, 2004
Call Number: HV4708 .A56 2004

Animal Rights: A Very Short Introduction
By David DeGrazia. Oxford University Press, 2002
Call Number: HV4708 .D43 2002

Animal, Vegetable, or Woman?: A Feminist Critique of Ethical Vegetarianism
By Kathryn Paxton George. State University of New York Press, 2000
Call Number: TX392 .G46 2000

Animal Welfare and Meat Production
By Neville G. Gregory. CABI, 2007
Call Number: HV4731 .G74 2007

The Bloodless Revolution: A Cultural History of Vegetarianism from 1600 to Modern Times
By Tristram Stuart. W.W. Norton & Co., 2007
Call Number: TX392 .S86 2007 (At Jupiter)

The China Study: The Most Comprehensive Study of Nutrition Ever Conducted and the Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss and Long-Term Health
By T. Colin Campbell and Thomas M. Campbell II. BenBella Books, 2006
Call NUmber: RA784 .C235 .2006

Dead Meat
By Sue Coe. Four Walls Eight Windows, 1995
Call Number: N6797 .C55 A35 1995

Deep Vegetarianism
By Michael Allen Fox. Temple University Press, 1999
Call Number: Available online via NetLibrary

Dueling Chefs: A Vegetarian and a Meat Lover Debate the Plate
By Maggie Pleskac and Sean Carmichael. University of Nebraska Press, 2007
Call Number: Available online via NetLibrary

Eating Architecture
Edited by Jamie Horwitz and Paulette Singley. MIT PRess, 2004
Call Number: TX355.5 .E28 2004 (Also available online via NetLibrary)

Ethical Vegetarianism: From Pythagoras to Peter Singer
Edited by Kerry S. Walters and Lisa Portmess. State University of New York Press, 1999
Call Number: Available online via NetLibrary

Everything You Need to Know about Being a Vegetarian
By Kim Serafin. Rosen Pub., Group, 1999
Call Number: Available online via NetLibrary

Food for Thought: The Debate over Eating Meat
Edited by Steve F. Sapontzis. Prometheus Books, 2004
Call Number: TX392 .F63 2004

Frankensteer (DVD)
Directed by Marrin Canell and Ted Remerowski. Bullfrog Films, 2005
Call Number: HD9433 .C22 F73 2005 (Boca Raton Media Center)

Hartshorne and the Metaphysics of Animal Rights
By Daniel A. Dombrowski. State University of New York Press, 1988
Call Number: B945 .H354 D65 1988 (Also available online via NetLibrary)

Human Diet: Its Origin and Evolution
Edited by Peter S. Ungar and Mark F. Teaford. Bergin & Garvey, 2002
Call Number: GN799 .F6 H85 2002

The Lives of Animals
By J.M. Coetzee. Princeton University Press, 1999
Call Number: HV4708 .C63 1999 (Also available online via NetLibrary)

Making Kind Choices: Everyday Ways to Enhance Your Life through Earth-and-Animal-Friendly Living
By Ingrid Newkirk. St. Martin’s Griffin, 2005
Call Number: HV4708 .N48 2005 (At Treasure Coast)

Meat, A Natural Symbol
By Nick Fiddes. Routledge, 1991
Call Number: GT2868.5 .F53 1991

Meat-Eating & Human Evolution
Edited by Craig B. Stanford and Henry T. Bunn. Oxford University Press, 2001
Call Number: GN799 .F6 M43 2001

The Meat We Eat
By John R. Romans. Interstate Publishers, 2001
Call Number: TS1960 .M43 2001

The Meat You Eat: How Corporate Farming Has Endangered America’s Food Supply
By Ken Midkiff. St. Martin’s Press, 2004
Call Number: HD9415 .M53 2004

Meet Your Meat (VHS)
By People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, 199?
Call Number: SF140 .L58 M43 1990 (Boca Raton Media Center)

The New Consumers: The Influence of Affluence on the Environment
By Norman Myers and Jennifer Kent. Island Press, 2004
Call Number: HD75.6 .M48 2004

Of Victorians and Vegetarians: The Vegetarian Movement in Nineteenth-Century Britain
By James Gregory. Tauris Academic Studies, 2007
Call Number: Available online via NetLibrary

The Omnivore’s Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals
By Michael Pollan. Penguin Press, 2006
Call Number: GT2850 .P65 2006

An Organic Food Primer (DVD)
Hosted by Jacquie Perrin. FIlms for the Humanities, 2003
Call Number: TX369 .O73 2003 (Boca Raton Media Center)

Putting Meat on the American Table: Taste, Technology, Transformation
By Roger Horowitz. The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2006
Call Number: HD9415 .H67 2006 (At Jupiter)

Quality and Grading of Carcasses of Meat Animals
Edited by S. D. Morgan Jones. CRC, 1996
Call Number: TS1962 .Q35 1995

Slaughterhouse: The Shocking Story of Greed, Neglect, and Inhumane Treatment Inside the U.S. Meat Industry
By Gail A. Eisnitz. Prometheus Books, 1997
Call Number: TS1963 .E37 1997 (At Treasure Coast)

Upton Sinclair (VHS)
C-SPAN Archives, 2001
Call Number: PS3537 .I85 Z89 2001 (Boca Raton Media Center)

Vegetarian America: A History
By Karen Iacobbo and Michael Iacobbo. Praeger, 2004
Call Number: TX392 .I23 2004

Vegetarian Sports Nutrition
By D. Enette Larson-Meyer. Human Kinetics, 2007
Call Number: TX361 .A8 L37 2007

The Way We Eat: Why Our Food Choices Matter
Bu Peter Singer and Jim Mason. Rodale, 2006
Call Number: TX357 .S527 2006

3 thoughts on “In the News: Turkey Day 2009: For Vegetarians, Meat-Eaters, and Everyone in Between

  1. Helen Laurence says:

    How about:

    The omnivore’s dilemma : a natural history of four meals
    Author: Pollan, Michael
    Published: New York : Penguin Press, 2006.
    GT2850 .P65 2006

    (This one is in Jupiter.) The subject headings don’t include vegetarianism, and this book is by no means a veggie screed, but it is well balanced and an essential read for *-vores of all persuasons.

  2. George Maris says:

    I’m glad to have been one of those people, who pay mind to the subjects that are about vegetarians. The lives of animals and the politics that follows.Although it seemed impossible at one time, vegetarians are making progress in health related issues.

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