In the News – Coup d’etat in Honduras

Week of July 6, 2009

News Item: Honduran president Manual Zelaya was forcibly removed from office on June 28 in what is seen as the first Central American coup d’etat in a quarter of a century. Armed soldiers entered Zelaya’s home in the early morning hours and flew him to Costa Rica. There have been reports that Zelaya’s removal was a result of his attempt to carry out a non-binding referendum and extend his term as president. At a press conference, Zelaya described his ordeal as a kidnapping and vowed to return to Honduras, but Roberto Micheletti, a former Parliamentary speaker who was sworn in as his replacement, insists that the entire process was legal. On Sunday, July 5, riot police and soldiers blocked the airport runway in Tegucigalpa, Honduras as Zelaya’s plane circled above in search for a place to land. The plane turned away and eventually headed to El Salvador.

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