In the News: College Athletics

Week of April 6, 2009

News Item: March Madness is over. Now it’s on to the Big Dance for the Michigan State Spartans, the UConn Huskies, the North Carolina Tar Heels, and the Villanova Wildcats. The 2009 NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball champion will be crowned on April 6 in Detroit. Have some spare time before the final game tip-off? – check out some of these books on sports in higher education.


Air Ball: American Education’s Failed Experiment with Elite Athletics
By John R. Gerdy. UP of Mississippi, 2006
Call Number: GV346 .G468 2006 (also available online via NetLibrary)

Athletics and Academe: An Anatomy of Abuses and a Prescription for Reform
By Wilford S. Bailey and Taylor D. Littleton. Maxwell Macmillan, 1991
Call Number: GV351 .B34 1991

Beer and Circus: How Big-Time College Sports is Crippling Undergraduate Education
By Murray Sperber. Henry Holt, 2000
Call Number: GV351 .S63 2000

Beyond the Cheers: Race as Spectacle in College Sport
By C. Richard King and Charles Fruehling Springwood. SUNY Press, 2001
Call Number: GV706.32 .K52 2001 (Also available online via NetLibrary)

The Brawn Drain: Foreign Student-Athletes in American Universities
By John R. Bale. U of Illinois Press, 1991
Call Number: GV351 .B35 1991

The Character of American Higher Education and Intercollegiate Sport
By Donald Chu. SUNY Press, 1989
Call Number: GV351 .C484 1989

College Athletes for Hire: The Evolution and Legacy of the NCAA’s Amateur Myth
By Allen L. Sack and Ellen J. Staurowsky. Praeger, 1998
Available online via NetLibrary

College Sports, Inc.: The Athletic Department Vs. the University
By Murray Sperber. H. Holt, 1990
Call Number: GV351 .S64 1990

Economics of College Sports
Edited by John Fizel and Rodney Fort. Praeger, 2004
Call Number: GV350 .E36 2004 (Also available online via NetLibrary)

The Game of Life: College Sports and Educational Values
By James L. Shulman and William G. Bowen. Princeton UP, 2001
Call Number: GV351 .S48 2001

Games Colleges Play: Scandal and Reform in Intercollegiate Athletics
By John R. Thelin. Johns Hopkins UP, 1994
Call Number: GV351 .T43 1994 (Also at Jupiter)

The Hundred Yard Lie: The Corruption of College Football and What We Can Do to Stop It
By Rick Telander. U of Illinois P, 1996
Call Number: GV959 .T44 1996

Intercollegiate Athletics and the American University: A University President’s Perspective
By James J. Duderstadt. U of Michigan Press, 2000
Call Number: GV351 .D83 2000

Major Violation: The Unbalanced Priorities in Athletics and Academics
By Gary D. Funk. Leisure Press, 1991
Call Number: GV351 .F86 1991

New Game Plan for College Sport
Edited by Richard E. Lapchick. Praeger, 2006
Call Number: GV351 .N48 2006

Play-by-Play Radio, Television, and Big-Time College Sport
By Ronald A. Smith. Johns Hopkins UP, 2001
Call Number: Available online via NetLibrary

The Rules of the Game: Ethics in College Sport
By Richard E. Lapchick and John Brooks Slaughter. Macmillan, 1989
Call Number: GV351 .R85 1989

Unpaid Professionals: Commercialism and Conflict in Big-Time College Sports
By Andrew Zimbalist. Princeton UP, 1999
Call Number: GV351 .Z56 1999 (Also available online via NetLibrary)

Unsportsmanlike Conduct: Exploiting College Athletes
By Walter Byers and Charles Hammer. U of Michigan Press, 1995
Call Number: GV351 .B94 1995

Unsportsmanlike Conduct: The National Collegiate Athletic Association and the Business of College Football
By Paul R. Lawrence. Praeger, 1987
Call Number: GV351 .L38 1987