Hispanic Latino Heritage Month – Part 2

October 7, 2010 – October 17, 2010

Hispanic Latino Heritage Month – Part 2

In the News: FAU continues to celebrate Hispanic Latino Heritage Month. (September 15-October 15, 2010) Our first post for this celebration focused on book titles. Now, we feature some DVDs on this subject that are available from the Boca Raton Media Center.

El Beso que Me Diste
Directed by Sonia Fritz. Vanguard Cinema, 2002 (released 2000)
Call Number: PN1997. B44173 2002

Bitter Cane
Directed by Jacques Arcelin. Cinema Guild, 1983
Call Number: F1921 .B47 1983

Bread & Roses
Directed by Ken Loach. Lions Gate, 2001 (released 2000)
Call Number: PN1997. B73 2001

Buena Vista Social Club
Directed by Wim Wenders. Artisan Entertainment, 1999
Call Number: ML207 .C85 B84 1999

Directed by Steven Soderbergh. Criterion Collection, 2009 (released 2008)
Call Number: PN1997.2 .C4384 2009

El Che
Produced by Cinétévé. White Star, 1997
Call Number: F2849.22 .G85 C435 1997

Che Guevara: A Guerrilla to the End
Films for the Humanities and Sciences, 2004
Call Number: F2849.22 .G85 C438 2004

A Class Apart: A Mexican American Civil Rights Story
Directed by Carlos Sandoval and Peter Miller. PBS, 2009
Call Number: KF224 .H468 C55 2009

Cuba: The Children of Fidel
Directed by Carmen Sarmiento. Films for the Humanities & Sciences, 2004
Call Number: HQ1460.5 .W63225 2004

Cuba: A Lifetime of Passion
Directed by Glenn Gebhard. The Cinema Guild, 2008 (released 2006)
Call Number: F1788 .C73 2008

Cuba: Pictures from the Revolution
Directed by Laura Abeyta and Peter Ochs. Films for the Humanities & Sciences, 2004
Call Number: F1788 .C817 2004

Diarios de Motocicleta: Motorcycle Diaries
Directed by Walter Salles. Universal, 2005 (released 2004)
Call Number: PN1997.2 .M676 2005

Edwidge Danticat Visits Her Haitian Roots, June, 2003
Directed by Susan Wilcox. Full Duck Productions, 2006
Call Number: PS3554 .A5815 Z464 2006

Égalité for All: Toussaint Louverture and the Haitian Revolution
Directed by Noland Walker. PBS Home Video, 2009
Call Number: F1923 .E33 2009

Failing Haiti
Directed by Rod Paul. Filmakers Library, 2005 (released 2006)
Call Number: F1928.2 .F356 2005

Fidel Castro—A Life of Revolution
Directed by Terence McKenna. Filmakers Library, 2008
Call Number: F1788.22 .C3 F524 2008

Fire & Ink: The Legacy of Latin American Literature (13-part series)
Produced by Eliseo Alvarez. Films Media Group, 2008
Call Number: Available on DVD and via Films on Demand database

El Gallo de Oro: The Golden Cockerel
Directed by Roberto Gavaldón. Facets Video, 2003 (released 1964)
Call Number: PN1997 .G2556 2003

Ghosts of Cité Soleil
Directed by Asger Leth. Thinkfilm, LLC, 2007 (released 2006)
Call Number: HV6439 .H32 G56 2007

The Golden Coach
Directed by Jean Renoir. Criterion Collection, 2004 (Released 1952)
Call Number: PN1997. C3475 2004

The Greening of Cuba
Directed by Jaime Kibben. Food First, 2005
Call Number: S477 .C8 G74 2005

Hispanic Americans: the New Frontier
Films for the Humanities & Sciences, 2004
Call Number: E184 .S75 H628224 2004

Historic Guatemala Films
Quality Information Publishers, 2007
Call Number: F1463 .H57 2007

Historic Puerto Rico Films
Quality Information Publishers, 2007
Call Number: F1958 .H57 2007

Hugo Chavez
Directed by Ligia Blanco. Films for the Humanities & Sciences, 2006
Call Number: F2329.22 .C54 H84 2006

Hugo Chavez: World Social Forum 2005, Porto Alegre, Brazil
Z Video Productions, 2005
Call Number: F2328.52 .C48 H85 2005

The Hugo Chavez Show
Directed by Ofra Bikel. PBS, 2008
Call Number: F2329.22 .C54 H845 2008

I Am Cuba
Directed by Mikhail Kalatozishvili. New Yorker Video, 2007 (released 1964)
Call Number: PN1997 .I258 2007

Isabel Allende
Directed by Paula Rodriguez Sickert. Filmakers Library, 2007
Call Number: PQ8098.1 .L54 Z695 2007

Latin Music USA
PBS, 2009
Call Number: ML3558 .L37 2009

Made in L.A.: Hecho en Los Angeles
Directed by Almudena Carracedo. California Newsreel, 2007
Call Number: HD6073 .C62 M33 2007

Mexico, la Revolucion Congelada: Mexico, the Frozen Revolution
Directed by Raymundo Gleyzer. Facets Video, 2007
Call Number: F1414.2 .M49 2007

Nada +
Directed by Juan Carlos Cremata Malberti. First Run Features, 2003
Call Number: PN1997.2 .N333 2003

Nobody Listened: Nadie Escuchaba
Directed by Jorge Ulla and Nestor Almendros. Facets Video, 2004 (released 1987)
Call Number: JC599 .C85 N63 2004

Nueba Yol 1 & 3
Directed by Angel Muñiz. Venevision International, 2006
Call Number: P1997 .N8532 2006

Orfeu Negro: Black Orpheus
Directed by Marcel Camus. Criterion Collection, 1999 (released 1959)
Call Number: PN1997 .O647 1999

Directed by Leon Ichaso. Miramax, 2001
Call Number: PN1997.2 .P5647 2002

Puerto Rican Bomba: In Search of Our Roots
Directed by Madeleine Richeport-Haley. Filmakers Library, 2008
Call Number GV1632 .P8 P84 2008

Quien Diablos es Juliette?: Who the Hell is Juliette?
Directed by Carlos Macovich. Kino International, 2000 (released 1997)
Call Number: F1760 .Q54 2000

Sacred Choreographies of Cuba and Haiti
Insight Media, 2005
Call Number: BL605 .S237 2005

Seres Extravagantes: Odd People Out
Directed by Manuel Zayes. Frameline, 2007
Call Number: PQ7390 .A72 S474 2007

Simón Bolívar: El Libertador
Directed by Paul A. Roselli. Films for the Humanities & Sciences, 2004
Call Number: F2235.3 .S56 2004

Stand and Deliver
Directed by Ramon Menendez. Warner Home Video, 1998 (released 1988)
Call Number: PN1997 .S65925 1998

The Sugar Babies: The Plight of the Children of Agricultural Workers in the Sugar Industry of the Dominican Republic
Directed by Amy Serrano. Siren Studio, 2007
Call Number: HD8039 .S86 D65 2007

Tal Como Somos: Just As We Are
Directed by Heidi Zersen. Films for the Humanities & Sciences, 2008
Call Number: HQ76.2 .U5 T36 2008

Venezuelan Bolivariana: Pueblo y Lucha de la IV Guerra Mundial/Venezuela Bolivariana: People and Struggle of the Fourth World War
Directed by Marcelo Andrade Arreaza, 2004
Call Number: F2329 .V46 2004

Waiting for Fidel
Directed by Michael Rubbo. Facets Video, 2004 (released 1974)
Call Number: F1765.2 .W35 2004

Y Tu Mamá También
Directed by Alfonso Cuaron. MGM Home Entertainment, 2002 (released 2001)
Call Number: PN1997.2 .Y228 2002

¡Yo Soy Boricua, Pa’que To lo Sepas!
Directed by Rosie Perez. Genius Entertainment, 2007 (released 2006)
Call Number: F1971 .Y6 2007

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