From Astrochemistry to Zoology

The FAU Libraries now has Von Nostrand’s Scientific Encylopedia available online.  Since 1938 this reference has been an important and comprehensive scientific resource for scientists, consultants, teachers, and students. Over 10,000 up-to-date entries include topics ranging across disciplines, including animal science, anatomy, astronomy, atmospheric science, chemistry, chemical engineering, civil engineering, computer science, earth science, energy sources, information science, life science, materials, mathematics, mechanical engineering, medicine, mining, physics, physiology, planetary science, plant science, power technology, space science,  and structural engineering.

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  • New completely rewritten articles in emerging technologies such as as genetics, global warming, communications, informatics, nanotechnology, and more
  • Over 12,000 cross-references for convenient retrieval of information
  • More than 4,400 diagrams, graphs, and photographs
  • Biographies of the contributing scientists

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