Studs Terkel: 1912 to 2008

Studs (Louis) Terkel, broadcaster and oral historian, born May 16 1912; died October 31, 2008
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Over 40 years ago Studs Terkel began a conversation with the American people, asking them to expose their everyday lives. He tenderly and truthfully told our story (the
American and the human) throughout his career as broadcaster and writer. His two well known books, Working (1974) and Race: How blacks and whites think and feel about the American obsession (1992), are good examples of his oral history style.

Selected Works by Studs Terkel at FAU Libraries:

Hope dies last: Keeping the faith in difficult times (2003)
Jupiter Campus BD216 .T47  

Will the circle be unbroken?: Reflections on death, rebirth, and hunger for a faith (2001)
Boca Campus BD444 .T47

Coming of age: The story of our century by those who’ve lived it (1995)
Boca, Jupiter, Treasure Coast  HQ1064.U5 T44

Hard times: An oral history of the great depression (1986)
Jupiter Campus E806 .T45

“The good war”: An oral history of World War Two (1984)
Boca, Jupiter, Treasure Coast  D811.A2 T45

American dreams, lost and found (1980)
Boca, Jupiter, Treasure Coast CT220 .T42

Division street: America (1968)
Boca and Jupiter F548.52 .T4

Listen to interviews Studs Terkel conducted on his radio show and for his books at Conversations with America from the Chicago Historical Society.

Listen to local oral histories at Digital Collections@FAU Libraries:
The Pearl City Oral History Collection and FAU History Department’s Oral History Collection.

Tribune photo by Charles Osgood/May 16, 2007