eHRAF World Cultures – February Database of the Month

Whether you are interested in learning about the North American Hmong’s beliefs in the causes and cures of diseases or the Pashtun’s religious views, eHRAF World Cultures provides you with in-depth information on all aspects of cultural and social life.

This database is a systematically organized collection of thousands of books and articles on cultures from all regions of the world. eHRAF World Cultures may be used to find information on particular cultures, ethnic groups, or immigrant groups,  or to find information on beliefs, superstitions, or subjects such as political structure, architecture, kinship units, or settlement patterns.

eHRAF Search uses HRAF’s Outline of World Cultures (OWC) culture and HRAF’s Outline of Cultural Materials (OCM) subject indexing to enhance the power of your search. Every paragraph in the 2000 plus eHRAF documents is indexed by OWC culture and OCM subject categories according to the relevancy of the paragraph discussion regardless of the specific paragraph text.

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