The Libraries’ Senior Leadership Team (SLT) is comprised of the Dean, the Assistant Deans, the Director of the MacArthur Campus Library,
and the Director of Library Information Technology Services.

In an ongoing effort to promote open, positive, and productive communication within the Libraries, we would like to hear your questions and suggestions! Do you have a question about the  Libraries’ senior administration, initiatives, and policies?  Do you have a suggestion for new or enhanced internal Libraries’ processes or services for our patrons?  Let SLT know by submitting this form.

As others may have the same questions you do, SLT will provide responses on a Q&A page (only accessible to the Libraries’ faculty and staff) or provide responses during periodic all-staff meetings.

Please note: Questions that are more sensitive in nature, and where a staff member can easily be identified by the question, will not be addressed publicly to protect the privacy of the individual.