FAU Libraries SEFLIN Connect Requests

FAU Libraries SEFLIN Connect Requests

The Systems Department is pleased to assist you with scheduling your next online meeting!

SEFLIN Connect meetings are attended by SEFLIN and FAU Libraries Information Technology Department staff to provide IT assistance during the virtual meetings.  Please provide at least 24 hours’ notice if you need to cancel your SEFLIN Connect meeting.

To cancel a SEFLIN Connect meeting, please click here to submit a ticket to the FAU Libraries IT Department.

*Please note that a minimum of 3 business days notice is required when requesting an online meeting.

Current Meeting Room URL for all scheduled SEFLIN Connect meetings: http://seflin.adobeconnect.com/faumeeting/

Please Note:

    • SEFLIN Connect meeting rooms are available between 9am-5pm, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays and days when SEFLIN staff are unavailable.  Scheduling your meeting in advance with SEFLIN will help ensure the availability of your meeting room.
    • SEFLIN Connect meeting rooms are limited to not more than 100 users at a time, including the hosts, presenters, and attendees.

Benefits of the SEFLIN Connect Service:

  • More robust Adobe technology platform supports this service
  • Live, 'in-meeting' support is available directly from Adobe and for all users of the service to address technology issues
  • The very latest improvements and updates to the service are provided by Adobe
  • Online meeting rooms are 'permanent.' Meeting rooms and their contents remain intact after a meeting has concluded and will be available for use the next time the meeting room is opened by the Named Host

Additional SEFLIN Resources:

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Hector Moyet (hmoyet@fau.edu or 7-2068).