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Week of June 14, 2010

In the News: Former women business executives are setting their sights on the government. Carly Fiorina, past CEO of Hewlett Packard, and Meg Whitman, former eBay chief executive, won their respective California Republican primary elections last Tuesday: Ms. Fiorina for U.S. Senate and Ms. Whitman for governor. Both candidates spent millions of dollars on their campaigns and will most likely attempt to outspend their rivals in the upcoming general elections.

Developing Women Leaders: A Guide for Men and Women in Organizations
By Anna Maria Valerio. Wiley-Blackwell, 2009
Call Number: HD6054.3 .V34 2009

Encyclopedia of Women and American Politics
Edited by Lynne E. Ford. Facts on File, 2008
Call Number: Available online via NetLibrary

Full Cover Girl (DVD)
Directed by Folke Ryden. Films for the Humanities & Sciences, 2009
Call Number: HQ1735 .F85 2009 (Boca Raton Media Center)

Gender Politics in Asia: Women Manoeuvring within Dominant Gender Orders
Edited by Wil Burghoorn et al. NIAS Press, 2008
Call Number: HQ1726 .G46 2008

Her Brilliant Career (DVD)
Directed by Ian McLaren. Filmaker’s Library, 2009
Call Number: HD6054.3 .H47 2008 (Boca Raton Media Center)

A History of Women’s Political Thought in Europe, 1400-1700
By Jacqueline Broad and Karen Green. Cambridge University Press, 2009
Call Number: JA84. E9 B76 2009

Hit the Ground Running: A Woman’s Guide to Success for the First 100 Days on the Job
By Liz Cornish. McGraw-Hill, 2006
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Leading from the Front: No Excuse Leadership Tactics for Women
By Angie Morgan and Courtney Lynch. McGraw-Hill, 2006
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Legislative Women: Getting Elected, Getting Ahead
Edited by Beth Reingold. Lynne Rienner, 2008
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The Motherless State: Women’s Political Leadership and American Democracy
By Eileen McDonagh. University of Chicago Press, 2009
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Outstanding in Their Field: How Women Corporate Directors Succeed
By Elizabeth Ghaffari. Praeger/ABC-Clio, 2009
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Pearls, Politics, & Power: How Women Can Win and Lead
By Madeleine M. Kunin. Chelsea Green Pub., 2008
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Political Women and American Democracy
By Christina Wolbrecht et al. Cambridge University Press, 2008
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Quotas for Women in Politics: Gender and Candidate Selection Reform Worldwide
By Mona Lena Krook. Oxford University Press, 2009
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Righting Feminism: Conservative Women and American Politics
By Ronnee Schreiber. Oxford University Press, 2008
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Supporting Women’s Career and Advancement: Challenges and Opportunities
Edited by Ronald J. Burke and Mary C. Mattis. Edward Elgar, 2005
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Through the Labyrinth: The Truth about How Women Become Leaders
By Alice H. Eagly and Linda L. Carli. Harvard Business School Press, 2007
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A Woman’s Place Is in the Boardroom
By Peninah Thomson and Jacey Graham. Palgrave Macmillan, 2005
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Women in Leadership and Management
Edited by Duncan McTavish and Karen Miller. Edward Elgar, 2006
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Women Lead the Way: Your Guide to Stepping Up to Leadership and Changing the World
By Linda Tarr-Whelan. Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 2009
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Women Political Leaders in Africa
By Rosemarie Skaine. McFarland & Co., 2008
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